Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Decades - 1950 and a Quick Page!

Its been a busy day. I took my cat to the vet this morning, after a struggle, juggling a bathtowel, a cat cabin, a slice of ham and a very, very angry puddy tat we arrived!!! I have to admit, I didn't look my best by then...mind you neither did the cat!! So, now I am the woman from hell, never to be trusted again!! He has given me hate looks for the rest of the day. The vet found him a little difficult...oh OK, a lot difficult!!! At least he didn't scratch me!! No...not the vet...the cat I mean, lol!! But tomorrow when he gets hungry I will be his best friend again. You know what they say...everything comes to those that wait!!
Tonight is the 1950s. I have so many ideas for this one that I could not fit them all in. I had the same problem with the others and so I have decided to do some full kits for each decade. But for now its rock and roll and the diner!! I have included a look at the papers below as the preview doesn't show them clearly. The colours may look sludgy but they're are right for the period. There are two small gingham papers and two patterned.

So if you want the Decades - 1950s Page Kit you can download it here

Tracy, one of the new CT girls has done some fanastic layouts with the Fashionista Kit and quess what...she made you all a freebie QP as well!! The photos in the layouts are gorgeous! What a beautiful young woman! She really is the belle of the ball and Tracy's torn papers are brilliant!! Stunning! Take a look.

Credits: Fashionista Kit from Cens Stuff
Here's the Quick Page that Tracy (Latte Dah) has made using this kit for you. Originally she used it for some more of the great prom pictures but then decided to share it with you all too. So if you've got a shoe fetish... who hasn't I hear you say! Then this is the one for you.

She has the Quick Page on her blog Scrappin A Latte or you can download it from here. But pop by her blog and leave some love for all her hard work. She has lots of really awesome layouts so take a look around.

Credit: Quick Page by Latte Dah (Tracy) using the Fashionista Kit by Cens Stuff

Now we have one of my favourites! Its a wonderful Roaring Twenties layout by Kim (an other of my great CT girls) and what a marvellous job she made of this!! Imagination galore!! Beautiful Kim, no wonder it got LOTD at Scrappin Digi Kreations!!

Credits...Layout based on a sketch by Michelle Heron,

Kit used is the "Decades Series- 1920" by Cen's Stuff

Fonts used are A&S Roadhouse & AndrewScript

And this girls has been busy too!! She has an other great Aplha on her blog...this time it's a chocolate one!!!! Yummy good enough to eat...go on you know you love chocolate!!! Drop by and snag it and leave some love.

You'll find it at Kims blog here
Next I want to apologise to Su. Dont know what went wrong with the layout when I loaded it to blogger!! You can see it has gone very blurry....sorry Su!! I tried several times but still the same. Its her entry for the Inspiration Challenge this week. Her inspiration comes from her grandson and I can understand why. Thanks for playing along Su...even though I have vandalised your lo!! Sorry!!

But to make up...just a little..heres the layout she did with the thank you gift for the Challenge. It is gorgeous...and in focus...Blogger has not got this one!! lol! He is not alone..I love lollies to!!!
Those curled corners are cute and I want that lolly...gimme!! Thanks for sharing your talent and great layouts!

Credits: Fun anFunky Papers - Challenge gift from Cens Stuff.

Ok, thats me. I'm off to move out of the gaze of the abused cat...£120s worth of abuse!! It's my purse that feels abused!! Lol! But needs must. It could be worse I could have given him a bath!!lol! Well take care and see you Friday.


a from aus said...

WOOHOO thankyou for the 50's......we're rockin'. Thankyou for this loooooove the papers.

Anonymous said...

Su's Lo with the challenge TY gift is awesome. The chocolate Alpha is creative and I love your 50's Deca Kit. WOW! Where does all this great stuff end? By the way, Thanks for the nice words about my Lo's and my Blog. :)

Peggie said...

Thanks for the 50's kit. It is great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Love the 50's June!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this AWESOME 50's!!!!!
It Rocks'n Rolls!!!!!!!
TYFS all the AWESOME LO's!!!!!!!

Tink said...

What an adorable decades kit. And I know just what to use it for, :) Thank you

verabear said...

thank you for the 50's kit and sharing all the lovely layouts :)
oh and the choco alpha looks yummy, thanks for giving us the link :)