Friday, 29 February 2008

Faded Beauty QP and a Few Drop Shadow Tips!

Still running a day late but I thought I'd surprise you all by blogging on Saturday! The week has flown by and I am almost caught up with my day job, well almost!! Not only do we have the wonderful QP's today but a few tips and hints on adding drop shadows to your elements.
As I was doing the new kit and playing with the lace in the preview, I started to wonder how easy you found doing drop shadows on something as fine as lace. Its a hard one to get right, or I think so, I certainly struggle. So I thought I would run through the basics just in case it might help.
One of my CT girls, Kim has taken pity one me and done me a great kindness by made the most awesome Quick Pages using the Faded Beauty Kit for your freebie today. They are really lovely. There are two, one with the Beauty Word Art and the other without. It is so perfect with the kit...Faded Beauty. The Word Art reads "As we grow old the Beauty steals inward". How true is that!! The Word Art was made by Kim too, she is a really talented girl! Kim has done a fantastic job with these and if you check below you'll see her layout that these are based on, it's stunning! Thank you Kim for sharing! Here's Kim's layout and what a beauty it is!! A wonderful heritage one, soft and worn. I adore the way she has tucked the card behind the frame, the whole layout just works so well!! Her Word Art, as usual is brilliant and so fitting. Fantastic job Kim!!!

Credits: All Papers & Elements from 'Faded Beauty' kit by Cen's Stuff, fonts used are MA Simple Pleasure & MA Sexy, Word art by Kimscrappin, Photo from her husband's collection

Here are the download links for the QP's
Download 1

Download 2

Thanks for letting me know there was a problem with the links I have now changed them. Sorry about that!
If you would like the Beauty Word Art separate, Kim is very kindly sharing it on her blog. So drop by and snag it and leave her some love!

Now for the drop shadows...they are always a matter of personal taste I know but they can be difficult on some layouts. Here are some tips that may help. I've tried to keep it general as I know people use so many different programs.
OK, so the important settings in adding a drop shadow and the ones that have the most impact on your result are:
1. The Distance - This setting decides how far off the page the item will appear to be sitting. The larger the distance figure is, the further from the page the item will appear. So if its a paper item you would set the distance small, if it was a flower or bow, something else that wouldn't lie flat on a surface then you need to scale up the distance figure. But beware of having it too huge or your item will appear to hover above the page!!
2. Size - The size of the shadow is what gives the shadow a that slight fuzziness...note I say a little fuzzy... not a lot!! Just a hint of a blur adds a realistic touch and takes away the hard line look, but don't overdo it or it will look like fuzz !
3. The Opacity of the shadow counts too - The theory is that the lighter the background then the lower the opacity, the darker the background (or for very small objects) then the higher the opacity.
I have to admit that personally rather than change the opacity for lighter backgrounds I prefer to change the shadow colour from black (the automatic setting) to a slightly darker shade of the background. I find that this works well. Below are two examples of the lace with drop shadows added.
The first image is way wrong!!!!!!!!! Here I have left the shadow colour on black and adjusted the size and distance, leaving the opacity on 75% (my default in CS2).....what a disaster!!!

The second image has the same size and distance settings as the first, but I have changed the shadow colour to a slighter darker shade than the background...this looks much better and way more natural!!! A simple change but it makes a big difference!!! I would now just play around with the size and distance again to get it just right.

I hope this helps show how a little change can make a big difference just a little for those who are struggling, like I do with drop shadows.
Now for today's gorgeous layouts and I was so bowled over by the ones I received. They are clever and used so much imagination. Each one an individual masterpiece!! And how is this one for an absolute stunner!! Tracy has done herself proud with this layout of her daughter eighteen years ago, as a baby. It is soft and gentle and so, so cute!!! Look at the stitches and that hanging bow...Wow!! So many lovely little details make this a beauty!

Credits: All Papers & Elements from 'Faded Beauty' kit by Cen's Stuff

This weeks Monday Challenge using the circle paper template is still producing awesome results! Stacey sent me in her layout and what a super one it was too!! She has used the template to great effect and she is soo clever, she made the background and the rest of the layout herself using filters and effects...this is all clever stuff!! I love that border Stacey, it really finishes it off beautifully!! Tremendous job!!
Credits: All page items made by Stacey, Circle Paper Template from Monday Challenge at Cens Loft.
Melanie's challenge piece has had me looking at it for ages...the more I look the more I see!! The border, the hanging hearts, the laces and that cute bee....I could go on, but you'll see what I mean! All this and it's still not cluttered! A wonderful layout Melanie to add to your album of that gorgeous little son of your! Brilliant work!!

Credits: Round Template from Cen´s Stuff, background paper from smplgrl retrodiva template prize, overlay: Love Actually Collab kit by flergspaper on heart template: Be Mine by retrodiva on frames: Carolina Haven by Eva Kipler, comwordart pride and Joy by AMC, laced eyelet: taht´s amore by cinzial, Staples: vanilla chai by eva Kipler, combee: sweet floral freebie by Krystal Hartley, love is freebie by Krystal Hartley, Template: smplgrl for second half of february template challenge at

Here in UK it's Mother's Day this Sunday, I know it's later in the rest of the World but have a look at the freebie on Gabrielle's Blog. It's some lovely Celebrate Mother Tags, I downloaded them and they are lovely, I'll be using them in my Mothers Day layout! So drop by and check them out!

Drop by Gabrielles Blog and get these great Celebrate Mothers Tags
Well, have to dash as my adorable Lilly and Charlotte are visiting and I have to spend some time with them. Lilly has grown and is smiling and laughing at is so lovely to watch them grow.
So take care and have a great weekend. See you Monday for the next challenge!!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY both so very much for these 2 GORGEOUS QP's!!!!!!
TY also foer the FAB drop shadow tip!!!!!!!

bsp2232 said...

Thanks so much for the drop shadow tips! This is something I struggle with A LOT! :)

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Stacey said...

Thank you for a very fun template with which to work!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Thanks for the kind words on my Lo June. And thank you for the shadowing tips I am always looking for ways to improve on that, I struggle a lot with my shadows. WOW what awesome LO's you have on here today! Great work ladies.

Anonymous said...

YOu definately have talented people submitting their Lo's to you. Love the QP's. Kim is awesome. Also, the shadow hints really helped. TY for that.

4man42 said...

Thanks for the great QPs!

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I have put a link to your blog on my blog, I hope this is ok, your work is so inspiring!! Thankyou for the download.

ENJAY said...

Hi, I want to say to you aswell, thankyou so much for taking the trouble to look at my blog,it really is very greatly appreciated! I was having a day of flicking through blogs on the Crafty Blog list & I'm so glad I found yours, your blog is wonderful!!Nicola.xx