Monday, 25 February 2008

Monday Challenge

Monday's Challenge means you have to think Round!! Karen over at Scraps of Mind had a great article on scrapping in circles and it so inpired me I thought that I would try to incorporate a little of it into todays challenge. Have a look its a good idea to think "outside the box" once in a while.I have got a round paper template for you to use in your layout. It has a heart shaped cut out border, which is quite nice. You can use the template to cut out your paper for matting or similar. As long as you use it in the layout somewhere, in some form! In fact you can use it lots of times if you want...just have a play!!

Just to remind you, open up the paper shaping template in your software and select the paper you want to use. Drag the paper into the same file as the template. You should now have two layers, the template and the paper. Make sure you are on the template layer and Select All (get the marching ants around it). Then, Layers>Select>Inverse. Now click on the Paper layer and press the delete key. Hey presto you have cut out your circle!! I know this will vary from program to program but its only meant as a pointer.

The Rules are simple:
1. Make a layout using the round paper template. This has to be used at least once in your layout.
2. Send me either you layout or a link to it at by Sunday 2 March midnight GMT.
3. Please include the credits for the kits, fonts etc used in your layout.

If you play along with the challenge then there is a little thank you gift of Patches and Buttons. Handy little things to stick in your stash!!! So go on think round!!

You can download the paper shaping template here

Last weeks template challenge turned out some awesome layouts. Dorys layout amde me shiver big time!! That is cold!! It shows the village on ice at Roberval. It's a village that they made on the lake. It has 350 little house built around 1 km of ice skating and walking. I love this one Dorys it really shows winter at it best, a fantastic layout!! Thank you for sharing it!!

Credits: Items from on the Mega kit, Funky Kit,Snow Delirium.

I just had to smile at Arni's, studying is a stressful time and she has choosen to scrap it. I think this is a brilliant idea, the journaling explains and the pictures and that great paper add to the feeling of overload!! Fantastic job!!

Credits: Template is by June Schutrups of censloft.blogspot including photocorners and prongs. Other papers and elements by Joanna Cinnamon of my digital, from her kit High Emotion (background paper with words) and Yesterday's Wishes. Fonts used are grants hand for the journaling and smudger let for the title.

The next one is just the opposite...full of peace and tranquility. Those pictures are so soothing and calm! It is beautiful!! Great use of white space Chris and what a stunning layout!!

Credits: Paper and the elements from Cen's Stuff Ingeborg's garden

And here's an other little beauty from Linda. What a gorgeous child Ellie is and the layout is just as cute!! I adore the little hearts and butterfly!! It is wonderful!

Credits: Template supplied by June - Copyright 2008 June Schutrups aka Cen'Stuff
Kit Used - by Coralie, Font Used - MA Sexy

Melanies layout shows her little son at play and the spirit of play and fun is captured well in this bright and fun layout. The paper choosen is ideal and love the buttons. Great layout Melanie!! Lots of little touches of originality, nice work!

Credits: Jump and Run Kits from the ABC-kits of Pamela from digitreats

The posting thank you last week was my new Page Kit Little Blossoms and Kim has amde a awesome layoutusing it!! I love the way she has the pictures tucked behind the ribbon and stiches and those frames are fantastic!! Exceptional work Kim!!

Credits...'Little Blossoms' mini Kit by Cen's StuffLayered Sketch template 7 by Susan Hobbs,Font is Hey Gorgeous

Now a round of the CT girls blog and what goodies they have been making with their own stuff!! They are soo busy!! Kim has an other great alpha on her blog It is gorgeous, that clever lady has turned the alpha into charms and she's even included a pop over and snag it!!!

Snag it at Kims Blog

Linda has a freebie too..hers are Quick Pages and they are lovely, so take a look! Beautiful Linda!!

Find them at her blog

Tracy has got aher first freebie on her blog. a great kit for all those who subscribe to her newsletter!! She's also made a QP with the kit which is up for grabs too!! So drop by and take a look.

This post has taken me for ever!! So many things to add in and Blogger has been it's useual helpful self...not!! So must go and see you all Wednesday. Take care and I hope that life is kind!!


LindaJD said...

Hi June, I was getting quite worried when I kept dropping by and couldn't see todays post! I am so glad you are OK, Thanks for the Great Template, it will be a challenge! but I love a challenge :)
Thanks for the plug for my pages too :) Lovely layouts today too on your blog :)

LindaJD said...

grrrrrrrr I have been trying for 10 mins to leave a comment!! it is a pain today isn't it!!

verabear said...

Wow I haven't visited here in a long long time, I've got some catching up to do :)

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Stacey said...

I've never done a challenge, but I think I might play along! But for now....better pull myself away and get to bed, lol.

Karen (Karooch from Scraps of Mind) said...

Great idea for a challenge June. You know how partial I am for circular (and other shaped) layouts.

I'll give this a Stumble and share it with other digital scrapbookers.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I'm a little late getting here but have made it this morning and glad that I have. This is a big challenge, and you know how I love a challenge! :) All of the LO's are really beautiful, great work ladies! Thanks for posting the link to the 'Charmed Alpha'. Now I'm ready to go and see what I can come up with. Thanks again for the challenge :)

Anonymous said...

This template will be fun. The participation patches & buttons is adorable. As usual the Challenge LOs are so creative. I learn from looking at others LO's. TY for the mention of my Coffe kit. :)

Anonymous said...

whooo hooo I'm soooo looking forward to this challenge June... I love circular layouts and haven't done one for ages!!
Totally love all the fab layouts and thanks for sharing the links to the girls' freebies how cool are they..yummy :D