Wednesday, 20 February 2008

This Much - Paper Doll Papers

Whew!! Just made it!! An other busy day bites the dust and is almost over. I almost didn't make this post. Sorry, I do have some more Decades Page Kits but I need to do the zips and of course I thought I would have plenty of time...not...the day has flown away. (It didn't help that my phone has gone none stop this evening too!) So I thought you might like this little freebie. When my kids were small they would ask questions like"How much do you love me?". I would tell them "Lots and lots". They would open their little arms up big and say "What this much?" and it would go from there. I was thinking of this the other day and felt inspired to try and work on something with this theme. I decided that it would be an idea to make the kids look like paper dolls, linked together and I had to add a frayed heart with "I love you this much" for good mesure! Thus this little freebie was born! I hope you like it. I do, it jogs my memories of happy times!!!
You can download it here

Tomorrow I have decided I will have an other play with Scrapbook Max. I have been told this is a super program for producing your layouts for an album quickly and that it offers flexibilty and choices in how you do this. As I have loads and loads of photos stock piling I have decided to try it out properly and give it a good road test! Lol! You can use the papers and elements that come with it, buy more, or import your own, so it gives you a lot of scope. I will let you know how I find it...and of course post my layouts!! So watchout I should be in overdrive if it lives up to its reputation! Any tips you may have for Scrapbook Max...please let me know. I love tips and there must be lots of you who use this program. I always say you can never have too many tips!!

This week challenge is a template one and I have had some wonderful layouts sent in. Don't forget if you enter the challenge this week you get my new Page Kit Little Blossoms for free for taking part and playing along!!
Tracy made this terrif layout and for a horrible minute I thought those crocs were real!! I thought she had a daughter that soo brave...or a whiz with crocs!! Lol! She has done a tremendous job and whilst using the template has given it soo many little individual touches that make it her own. Check out the Wild Thing label with the stitches threaded through!! I just adore seeing what people come up with they are always so unique and have their own twist. Great layout Tracy!!

Credits: Go Wild by Cens Stuff

Next up is one that really made me smile!! I loved it!! Jaye has combined her dog photos with a collage of what I call her "fruity dog". I think that fruity dog sooo cute!! Its fun and bright and original!! Great work Jaye!!

Credits: Decades - 1960s Page Kit freebie by Cens Stuff

The next one shows a gorgeous romantic layout and I love the kits Karla has choosen they are perfect for this!! (I love Heralds stuff too!!). Like the other two this layout is full of orginal unique touches from Karla, like the ribbon across the bottom and those adorable tags. This is wonderful Karla and thank you soo much for sharing it!!

Credits: Herald's Designs "Love Is in the Air" and "My Valentine, Tassel from Jeanette Bollinger's "Feb Color Challenge" kit, Prongs, recolored, from Helena Monteiro's "Kit Small Autumn", Fonts used are "One Fell Swoop" and "Porcelain"

Gina has used a different dimension and used the template landscape, to great success I may add!! I think that little face and smile really do make her daughter a little princess...she just glows!!! Gorgeous!! Those colours work so well with the photo. Gina I think I will have a go turning the tempate around myself...fantastic idea, you've inspired me!! Beautiful layout! I love it you ladies have soo many ideas and it's great of you to share them, thank you!!

Credits: February SupaDigi Kit from SDK - this part by Cens Stuff but have a look at it all. There are some awesome parts to this great collab kit and it's Februarys freebie at SDK!!
If you love templates you will adore this one!! Kim has a great on her blog, it allows you to use 11 photos....yep 11!! It's her family template pop over and take a look.

Kim's Template freebie drop by her blog and snag it!
Edit: Thanks to Sheila for pointing out the link for Kims Blog was wrong. It's fixed now.
Here's a brilliant one from Tracy, it's of her son when he was small...he's a little darling..I love his trike!! An other of her great touches here...look at how she has threaded the photo through the circle..thats clever and other one for me to try!! Thanks for sharing that Tracy, awesome layout!!

Credits: Little Dude from Cens Stuff

Now we have fun!! Look at this groovy 60's layout from Su!! Way out man!! I remember those VW's with flowers...they were soo cool!! It's a winnder Su as always!! Like I said I just adore getting those layouts they are full of inspiration.

Credits: Decades - 1960's Page Kit freebie by Cens Stuff

And last but not least is Kim's 60's layout. She's has made a layout with Twister (the game). I knew it was not new but didn't realise it was a 60's I learn something new each day!! I love these 60's ones, they are bright and psycadellic...just like the 60's were..fantastic era!! Thanks for sharing an other of your wonderful layouts Kim!

Credits: Decades - 1960's Page Kit freebie by Cens Stuff

A big thank you to all the people who send me layouts and share their awesome talents! Also to the people who leave a little love here on my blog, it is much appreciated!

Right enough is enough...time for me to go. So take care and don't forget my chats are on Thursday and Friday at SDK, drop in if you can, I'd love to meet you!! It's your chance to tell me what you want!! Dont forget there is an add on for Go Wild for attending. If you can't make either of them then I'll see you Friday back on the blog!


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Hi June,

Thanks for the cute freebie. I love the layouts on your page. I noticed that you mentioned that you are getting Scrapbook Max. It is a FAB program and I use it just as much for digital scrapbooking as I do Photoshop. They are both great and couldn't imagine scrapping without them. Have fun! :)


karooch (from scraps of mind) said...

Very Cute Freebie June. And I love those layouts. What a huge post!!!

Scrapbook Max is well worth checking out if you want to creat some albums really quickly. I did a review of it on Scraps of Mind that you might find useful. I created the layout pictured in the review in minutes after opening the program. Practically no learning curve at all!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Leanne said...

Hey Im New And Just Wanted to Say Hi.
Cute Freebie You Got.

You Got Some Good Posts Here.
Keep Blogging :D

makeyesup said...

I have been using Scrapbook Max for almost 2 years now since I just started digital scrapbooking. Love the program and love the family of users there. One thing that I have learned that I could not do without with SBM is the drag and drop method. It is much faster and more convenient than using their method to bring in photos, elements and layouts. You can then choose what you want to bring the items in as. Also, everyone is so helpful on that site and will give you hints galore.

Anonymous said...

This was such an upbeat happy entry. Loved it. The LO's are great. Your spin on the descriptions is so unique. I know I'm here to stay. :)

Kim's Scrappin' said...

WOW!!! What awesome layouts are showcased here today! Love the freebie, it is so cute!! Thanks a million June :)

karen said...

thanks for the cute freebie. Finally found Kim's blog through another site... your link takes us to SDK store.

Sheila said...

Thanks so much for today's freebie! It's so cute and will probably work perfectly for pix of my daughter or of some of my 6 granddaughters :-).
Just wanted to mention that the link for Kim's blog and Family template seems to be wrong ... goes to the SDK store.

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for the freebies :) I am a frequenter on your blog - via a yahoo freebies group. I use both PSE and Scrapbook Max to scrap. If I want something quick, I use SBM.

Some tips: If you need any help, go to the forum and ask. Everyone there is friendly, helpful, warm and inviting!

Drag and Drop as a pp said!

I use the right click alot. To copy and paste items if you are using them multiple times, to change the effects of my pictures and to change the settings on my background and resize my canvas!

You don't need to hold down the shift key to keep your proportions when making things smaller or larger. They remain proportioned automatically.

Don't be afraid to work 'out of bounds' or leave things hanging over your dimensions.

There are definitely alot of advantages to working in Scrapbook Max. I love it. Even though I learned PSE, I still use SBM alot!

Enjoy :)


verabear said...

The This much papers reminds of the book "Guess How Much I Love you" thank you! :)