Friday, 12 September 2008

Lilly's Day and a Commercial Use Freebie

I'm back, fresh from a day with the wonderful Miss Lilly. That girl is so lively now that she has found her feet!! Oh to have that amount of energy all the time...what bliss!! On the days that I'm blessed with my little Cutie everything else stops....she needs your undivided attention or she is off exploring!!

She thinks the baby walker is for wimps or babies and she of course is neither of those..oh no, not for her the safe and cosy way!! She grabs the tray and pulls her legs up and next thing you know she is swinging head first...straight towards the floor...legs frantically pushing her downwards...eeek!!

She can crawl at the speed of light and then it's a rapid pull of the arms and she is standing up and seeing what she can grab!! She has just gone off to bed after her bath...mind you she didn't go quietly!! But it was a busy day and eventually exhaustion won out and things have gone silent...for now!!

Tonight I have a commercial use freebie, a grayscale textured frame plus a dressed up example.



You can download them here

Now for some terrific layouts! This one has the coloured photo as the background and it works really well. I love the word art and journaling and the photo in the corner is a great reflection of the background! A brilliant job Kim!!


Credits: Simple Things kit by Cen's Stuff
Template 5 by Kylie M Designs
Photos by Kim
Fonts used are - Promised Freedom, Kingthings Annex

What little beauties from Linda, both the page and the those lovely girls!! I love the torn paper as matting and she has made that frame look really good!! Great job!


Credits: Kit Used - Flora's Dream by June Schutrups aka Cen'Stuff
Template by LindaJD
Font's Used - Vivaldi / Rough Typewriter / University Roman


Credits: Little Weeds by June Schutrups from Cen´s Stuff.

The template is also made by Cen's Stuff

The journaling has some bible verses of Psalm 139.

And last but not least drop by Jessica's new blog, The Scrappin Squad, as she has a great freebie for you too! It's a celebration freebie!! Don't forget to leave her some love!!



Time for me to go as I spoke too soon, saying all was quiet on the Miss Lilly front....she has decided that she has had a nap and now she wants up. I'll have to have a little word in her ear and advise her of a few facts of life! So bye for now.



Maryse said...

thanks for the frames!

Keryn said...

You really should be a writer as well as a designer. I love the frames but I also love your stories - I can just imagine Lilly finding her feet & pushing on stubbornly.
Thanks for sharing.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 13 Sep [LA 12:44am, NY 02:44am, UK 07:44am, OZ 05:44pm] ).

Anonymous said...

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Michele said...

Thank you for the frames! The layouts that you've posted look wonderful, kudos to all of thier makers!
Miss Lily sounds like a handful, my son is almost 8months old, and is going through the same escapades that she is. They grow so fast, I think that's why I take so many pictures and make so many layouts.
Thank you again for the frames!

Nezzi said...

Hi June,

I just wanna tell you you have been awarded!!
Please head over to my blog and grab it, it's well deserved!!
PS.. getting an offer to sell in a SWEDISH store, how about that? *lol*Ds

Tammy aka bunchie said...

Miss Lilly sounds very active and loved reading about her. Thanks for the frame and the smile you put on my face this morning. It made me think of the days when the kids were that small and I babysat for them.

Christina said...

Wonderful, thanks!

ren said...

thank you for the frames

Twisted Scrapper said...

Awesome. Thank you very much :)

Miss T said...

Thank you so much for your CU freebies! YOU RAWK!