Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sunday's Harvest and The Tax Man!



It's Sunday other week has sneaked past me and is gone!! My life seems to fly before my eyes as quick as a flash!! In no time I'll be gone and my descendants will be looking up my family history, tracing my life!

Someone asked me the other day what I thought I would be when I was a very old lady. I was puzzled for a moment by the question...the answer was obvious...I'd be a very old lady!!!! But perhaps that's not what they meant? Yet another case of not asking what we actually want to know!! Or perhaps I'm just obtuse!

This week I sent a letter to the Inland Revenue for my son query his tax code. He isn't very happy with the tax system at the moment so imagine his horror to learn that he comes from a long line of Excise Men himself. Ok, so it was in the 1800's but one line of our ancestors had postings around the UK checking on the tax paid on wines, tobacco, brewing and general excise work. In fact several rose quite high and one found it all too much and actually killed himself whilst still in the service. It was in fact viewed as a good job then..may not have been popular with some of the population though and obviously times haven't changed much!!

My son's skepticism that his line could possibly have been Excise Men was short lived when I gave him some proof...a document dated May 15th 1826 relating to his ancestor, Joseph Merry, who was at that time 25 years old. It's describing his skills and areas he had been instructed in. Joseph was just at the beginning of his career and was to go on and do well in the Excise Service.

Shock, it was true..his ancestors were tax men!!! My son has made me promise I won't spread it around, lol!! So, I thought I would keep it quiet and only tell you, in confidence of course, lol!!! I think I should send a link to this post to his email contact list!! Or perhaps not!! But....I could always do a layout with and add it to a few galleries!!

Here's a copy of the document in question..indisputable proof of our tax man line.


But now, back to the present and some great presents that are in store for you!

You can download my Add On 3 - the Harvest Bows here

The real star though has a real Harvest feel - the bringing in of all those wonderful fruits!! This kit is from Melanie and it is perfect for this time of year!! Look at those luscious apples and pears...yum!! They are all hand drawn too!! An other lovely addition to this awesome kit!



Don't miss this part of the wonderful harvest..swing past Sweet as Mel and snag it!

Well, that's all folks!! Have a wonderful day and check back tomorrow for the next part of this great CT Collab Kit! Those girls are stars!!!

Oh, if you had trouble yesterday with Debi's links, (they drove her wild yesterday) they have been fixed and she has a little bonus of two extra papers. So if you can pop back and get them now.


Glynis said...

I won't say a word! :)I love the harvest colours and the fruits look fantastic, I do love popping in and getting a treat for my eyes. Thanks

Kim's Scrappin' said...

LOL I love the story of the tax man and your son. We have ran into some ancestors that my son's don't want anyone to do know about either. :) Your bows are beautiful! Melanie's part is great, I only wish that I could draw like that! And it is worth a trip back to Debi's for those beautiful papers!

sasidesign said...

it is very fantastic
thanks for sharing

Liza said...

hi! i hope you don't mind that i tagged you...

no pressure though, and i won't mind if you're not up to tags.


Shanners said...

Cen, I LOVE your blog, so I'm giving you an award! Thank you so much for all the wonderful kits, freebies and laughs you've given me. You are so talented, and so kind to share your talent. Congrats on the new store at CottageScrapbooks. I really enjoy that site. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a great week ahead. :) You can see your award on my blog:
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Maria said...

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