Monday, 29 September 2008

Lymington Revisited and Some More Harvest Goodies!


Yesterday I woke up with a headache that felt like I had spent the night on the town! My mouth was like the bottom of a bird cage and I just wanted a hole to crawl into. The irony was that not a drop of alcohol has touched my lips for an age..not even a glass of fact I think I'm!! not depraved!!

I spent the morning muttering about there being no justice, as my youngest son had been out till goodness knows when clubbing with friends...and he looked good when he got up, it was me that looked like I had overindulged in a big way...he was fresh as a daisy. It must be youth or some magic potion he has, lol!!

Saturday saw me wandering around Lymington Street market with Lilly, Charlotte, Chris and Ashlyn. In an alley off the market is a great flower place and I couldn't resist a peek,,,just to see if they had anything that inspired me. They did...some Chinese lanterns and some dried corn, so when I feel a little better..well, a lot better really..hopefully, I will have a go at being inspired by them.

Lymington is on the coast and the main street is set on a hill leading down to the old quay. It's an old town, a small one, but a pretty one. It's a draw for tourists in summer but even now the weather and seasons are changing it still has a lot of yacht people passing through. So it's always bustling on Saturdays.

The market always has a terrific atmosphere and is a wonderful place to wander, with all it's colours and smells. We ate lunch in an Italian restaurant just off the market with a wonderful garden terrace and we were in was a beautiful sunny Autumn day. Ideal for a light Saturday lunch with some gorgeous food to nibble and chat over. Lilly loved it all...the hustle and bustle, the colours and the noise. She smiled all through and of course gave the onlookers her royal wave!! If they were very attentive they got a clap too, lol!! So a great time was had by all.

But enough of my weekend..."what about the goodies" I hear you say..OK, I'm getting to them!!

My little add on is 4 Harvest Frames...quite simple ones really. But today it's Kim who has the fancy stuff!!

You can download Add On 4 - the Harvest Frames here.

Take a look at Kim's terrific kit ..harvest moons and scarecrows, laces, flowers and lovely's one you'll use again and again!!

So visit her blog, Kim's Scrappin' and start downloading!!



A visit to Kim's Scrappin' will add to the harvest drop by and collect her kit

That's it from me for today if you love templates then drop by for the last part of this CT Collab and find out more!!

Have a wonderful Day!!



Kim's Scrappin' said...

Love the frames June :) Thanks for the lovely comments about my part of this collab. Hope your headache is gone by now. Yes I agree it is something about being that young, that you can get by with such things. LOL

Glynis said...

I hope you feel better soon June, I am still scrapping away.x

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning June!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for all your FAB goodies I finally got all caught up!!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

On Sat. we had the streets filled with an event called Octoberfest. 60,000 + people on the downtown streets. It was so much fun. The food, the crafts and of course(people watching- giggle)
Kim overdid herself. Absolutley beautiful. Your frames are a perfect touch too. :)

LindaJD said...

Thanks for the lovely frames June...hope the head feels better soon, it's that long since I went out for a "proper" night out that I dread to imagine how I would feel if I did! Lemmington is lovely I believe, even though I have been that way so many times I never got to visit ther, one day we will meet up there :)

Cindyrelly said...

Been a busy weekend aroung here as hubby and I had a couple of dates and one of them believe it or not was applying for a U.S. Passport! I have to catch up to your last 3 posts!! Thanks for all the goodies :) Your posts always crack me up!

Kooky Kay said...

I gave you an award on my blog.
I hope you will stop and check out my blog.

Maria said...

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