Saturday, 6 September 2008

News of Three Great Freebies!!

I decided that I needed to do an extra post today....I know I said I'd post Sunday with my tut but I will still be doing tomorrow's post with the tutorial. I just have so much to tell you that it would have made my post tomorrow huge!! So you get an extra one today with news of two new freebies for you!!

You may already know that I have some great new brag book pages in the store at Cottage Scrapbooks that are part of the 40% off sale!! They're  made from my Simple Things Kit by the wonderful Tragedy Anne.

(Yes, I know it's spot the deliberate error time....well, not deliberate but an error!! I forgot the S in Things in my previews!! Grrr...I need to slap myself for that one!! )


There is a little freebie too!

Two brag book pages as my little gift to you. Have a look!


Set of 6 brag book pages 300dpi, 6x4. You'll find them here 40% off!!


Drop by and collect the free brag book pages at Cottage Scrapbooks

Plus I HAD to tip you off about Candee's blog!! As part of the celebration of the launch of Cottage Scrapbooks she has made a wonderful kit called "Stella' Little Cottage. the first part is  "on her blog Mermaid's Haven and it is fantastic!! The second part is tomorrow....BUT you need to get it fast, as it will only be on her blog until Monday midnight!! So drop by and snag it!! I think the cottage is a little work of art!!This girl is brilliant!




Get this great kit at Candee's blog Mermaid's Haven..but be quick or it will be gone!!

And finally Kim from Kim's Scrappin..(who I am proud to say is on my CT) has the Element Set to go with her Color Purple Paper Pack on her blog today.


Drop by Kim's blog and if you missed the papers then snag them too!!

Right that's me done for today but don't forget to drop by for the tutorial tomorrow!!

See you then!



Ana Baird said...

They're stunning! Have a lovely weekend June!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. Love this whole post. TY :)

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Great brag book pages, Kat has done a wonderful job as usual on them :) That is also an AWESOME kit by Candee! Thank you for posting my freebie on your blog, and I'm proud to be a member of your CT as well.

Anonymous said...

many thanks lovely kits
but it's possible to read your blog in french ?? I dont understand all because I dont speak very well english